Pauly D Talks With Ellen About Finding The Right Girl

Think you might be the girl for Jersey Shore’s Pauly D? He talked to Ellen DeGeneres about his ideal lady. You can find out what he said on the subject by tuning in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Monday (February 28th) or if you don’t want to wait, find out what he said, ahead!

Apparently, Pauly’s looking for a girl just like Ellen and he’s hoping he might find her during his trip to Italy with the rest of the cast of MTV's reality show Jersey Shore. Here’s a portion of the conversation you’ll see him have with Ellen on her show on Monday (check your local listings for time and channel).

Ellen: Let's talk about the right girl for you. Is there a type you're interested in?Pauly D: Well, that's what I'm hoping in Italy maybe I can find something different. I'm looking for a girl who's funny, that has family values. Someone like yourself. Someone I can bring home to my mother. Like I can bring you home to my mother.Ellen: Yes, you could. You could bring me home to your mother. And I'd just go, "Hey." And then I'd leave. (LAUGHS)Pauly D: You know what I'm saying?Ellen: I do. You want a nice girl. Do you think that's going to be hard to find that kind of girl, doing the kind of show you're doing?Pauly D: That's a good point but maybe she'll see and see that I'm a little bit different. I'm a nice guy and she'll see that in me.

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