For the most part, on network television, it was business as usual last night, with most of the regularly scheduled programs airing as planned. But due to the Boston Marathon bombings yesterday, NBC opted to preempt the planned episode of Revolution and air a news special featuring Brian Williams at 10:00 p.m. instead. We were left to wonder how the network would fix this last-minute bit of re-scheduling. Would they find another time to air the episode between now and next Monday? Or would they simply shift the schedule back by a week to resume airing the series, pushing the scheduled finale off in the process? The latter scenario appears to be the plan.

TVLine says last night's episode of Revolution will air next Monday (April 22), pushing the remaining episodes of the season back a week a piece. This means that the finale, which was originally scheduled to air May 27, will be pushed off to June.

The series was already looking at a late season closer, but June pushes it even further away from May sweeps, which isn't the best for NBC. On the bright side, this will hopefully keep viewers on track with the series. Had NBC decided to put the missed episode online, or air it at some odd time, that may have deterred some viewers from staying caught up, which would only hurt the show's ratings in the long run. Revolution was performing well in its post-Voice time slot last fall, but its numbers have slipped some since the extended hiatus. The series is still coming in above par (by NBC numbers anyway), but it probably can't afford any major setbacks. Hopefully the one-week gap and delayed finale don't affect the show's ratings in any kind of drastic way.

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