One of the great things about Scandal is that there's no shortage of drama. Of course, the downside to that is trying to keep all of it straight, particularly between seasons. In anticipation of Season 4's premiere this Thursday night, we've prepared this little cheat sheet refresher to remind you of everything that happened at the end of Season 3.

This article obviously contains major spoilers from Season 3 of Scandal. If you somehow stumbled in here not realizing that and aren't caught up through Season 3, turn back now! If you're ready for Season 4 to begin, read on!

Olivia and Jake set off to stand in the sun together.
Olivia finally took her father up on his offer and accepted a free ticket to paradise, wherever that may be. After dealing with her parents' power struggle -- leading to the death of Fitz's teenage son -- Olivia seemed all too willing to leave it all behind. Jake requested to join her in her escape and she consented to let him stand in the sun with her.

Olivia and Jake weren't exactly all hearts and butterflies as they made their departure. Olivia pretty much told Jake that she's in love with another man. But as we saw toward the end of Season 3, there's definitely some chemistry between them, so who knows what the state of their relationship will be when Season 4 picks up.

Fitz and Mellie dealt with major grief.
Fitz found out that his father raped Mellie. Mellie confirmed that Jerry is Fitz's biological son. And then young Jerry's life was taken from him as part of Rowan's plot to regain control of B613. Their devastation over the loss of the their son might unite them, especially with Olivia out of the picture. But Season 3 left off with Fitz on the floor of the oval office, celebrating the victory of a second term by falling apart, leaving Mellie to try to get Olivia on the phone. Ms. Pope wasn't picking up. The "fluffer" has left the building.

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