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Previously On The Walking Dead: 6 Things To Remember Before Season 5 Premieres

The Walking Dead returns for Season 5 this weekend. Those eagerly anticipating the zombie drama's return may have already done a bit of marathoning to get caught up. For those without the time, we've compiled a list of things to remember about The Walking Dead characters going into Season 5.

Before we get to that, just a warning that this article (obviously) contains Season 4 spoilers, so if you're still catching up, turn back now or prepare to be spoiled!

We'll assume you remember that Season 4 saw Rick and his people ejected from the prison during an assault by the Governor and his group. The characters were separated into clusters and eventually all on their way toward Terminus, where they hoped they'd find new shelter and each other.



Let's just get this one out of the way, since it relates to a lot that follows. Terminus was the potential sanctuary that pretty much all of the characters were headed toward as Season 4 drew to a close. While signs promised that "those who arrive" would survive, the reception was far less welcoming. Instead, what they found were a group of hostile people, who like to barbecue, appear to be heavily armed and have a candle-filled room with the words "Never Again. Never Trust. We First, Always." on the walls. Who are these people? And why are they luring people to their camp and then forcing them into a railroad car? We expect Season 5 to answer that.

The season ended with Rick noting that these people don't know who they're screwing with. That brings us to the next thing to remember. Rick bites back...


Rick bit back.

Jeff Kober's Joe was the closest thing to an antagonist that Season 4 had after the Governor was taken out. When Joe and his merry band of thieving, violent, "claiming" misfits came upon Rick, Michonne and Carl, they thought they found easy targets. And Joe was eager to punish Rick for killing one of his guys and setting him loose in the house they'd "claimed" a few episodes back. While one of the men attempted to assault Carl, Joe had a gun on Rick and the situation was looking pretty bad.

Rick used to be a guy who liked to think about his options for a bit, but there wasn't time for that now. He saw Carl and Michonne being threatened, he acted. By head-butting Joe and then biting his throat out. Michonne, Daryl (who was with Joe's people at the time) and Rick finished off the rest of Joe's men. There was no discussion beforehand about whether or not to kill them. They just did it. This is Rick Grimes as of the end of Season 4. He's a man who will do whatever it takes to protect his people.

Where we saw them last: Rick, Carl, Daryl and Michonne were all last seen in the railroad car at Terminus.


Beth's gone.

Before Daryl met up with Joe's people, he was traveling with Beth. In "Still," Beth and Daryl took a break from traveling in search of liquor, on Beth's insistence. The two got drunk and bonded over their grief, disappointment and the harsh reality of their world. Who knew Beth -- the girl who wanted to kill herself a couple of seasons back -- would be a beacon of hope for Daryl? She did seem to be getting through to him with her more optimistic approach to dealing with the pain of this life. Torching the old cabin where they found the moonshine took that a step further, possibly helping Daryl let go of some of the pain of his past, and whatever presumably complicated relationship he once had with his father.

And then, in "Alone," Daryl and Beth were separated. While foraging through a funeral home, they were attacked by walkers. Daryl sent Beth outside. When he ran out to join her, he saw Beth's bag spilled open on the ground and a car was screeching away, presumably with Beth inside. Who took her and where did they take her? That's yet to be revealed. Daryl tried to chase down the car but failed to catch up, and from there, his path crossed with Joe and his people, and eventually with Rick.

Where we saw them last: Daryl's with Rick in the railroad car. Beth's still gone.


Eugene knows some stuff.

Prior to reuniting with Maggie, Bob and Sasha, Glenn was teamed up with Tara, one of the Governor's people. The two of them joined up with Eugene, Rosita and Abraham, a trio of survivors on their way to Washington D.C.. Eugene claims to have information that will be of interest to the people in (whatever's left of) our nation's capitol. Does he have a cure? Or is his secret information really just an idea he came up with, having played a lot of video games? We don't actually know. But Abraham is convinced it's information worth risking his life for, as he's determined to get Eugene to D.C..

Whether or not the information Eugene has proves to be world-changing remains to be seen. But it's been demonstrated enough that these are good people.

Last we saw them: They were in the railroad car with Rick and his group.


Carol confessed. Tyreese forgave.

En route to Terminus, Carol and Tyreese found what seemed like a little slice of heaven in the form of The Grove, a cozy little spot off the beaten path, with a cottage and pecan trees and relatively manageable walker confrontations. And then Lizzie showed the true depth of her mental and emotional instability by killing her sister Mika -- sure that she would turn and be one more friendly but misunderstood walker -- causing Carol to make the decision to kill Lizzie by calmly putting a bullet into the back of her head. As if that wasn't heartbreaking enough, Carol finally confessed to Tyreese that she killed Karen and David, two of the first flu victims earlier in the season. Tyreese was a mess over losing Karen and frustrated over not knowing who did it. Who knew how he'd react when he finally found out? Carol told Tyreese to do what he needed to do, acknowledging the gun on the table. But he forgave her. He won't forget. But he wasn't going to retaliate. The Grove turned out to be pretty much the worst place ever. Happy places are a lie in The Walking Dead.

Carol and Tyreese set off with baby Judith from there, leaving what might have been a quiet place to settle down long-term.

Where we last saw them: Headed toward Terminus.


Glenn and Maggie reunited.

Glenn and Maggie were separated during the prison exodus, and the two weren't reunited until close to the end of the season, when Glenn spotted a sign Maggie left for him. Glenn was traveling with Tara, who's proven to be loyal to him and determined to redeem herself from her associations with the Governor. As it turns out, Glenn's pretty loyal too, as he refused to leave Tara behind when her foot got stuck in some of the fallen debris inside the tunnel that would lead them to Maggie. They were surrounded by walkers, but he stayed with her, trying to fight them off. It was a real demonstration of Glenn's character.

As it happened, Maggie, Sasha and Bob came to the rescue from the other side of the tunnel. Maggie hugged Tara in appreciation for helping Glenn get to her. And then she burned the photo Glenn had been holding on to, assuring him he'll never need another photo of her again.

Glenn and Maggie aren't the only romantic couple anymore. We saw some sparks between Bob and Sasha in "Alone." Will anything more come of that?

Where we saw them last: Inside the railroad car.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres this Sunday night (October 12 at 9:00 p.m.) on AMC.

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