Quiz: How Well Do You Know Gilmore Girls?

So, you’ve watched every season of Gilmore Girls twice, and you think you’re one of the foremost experts on the series? Well, in celebration of the dramedy coming back on Netflix, why don’t you test your knowledge with our quiz below?

To those who finished...


Now, if you missed any questions, just flip through the answer key to see the right answers.


Whose concert did Lorelai and Sookie take Rory, Paris, Madeline and Louise to?

The Bangles


Who did Lorelai’s grandmother want Richard to marry?

Pennilynn Lott


How did Lane learn to play the drums?

By practicing at Sophie’s Music after school, often in the dark in the store


What is the name of Rory’s sister?



Which of Rory’s suitors mistakenly thought PJ Harvey was a man?



How did Luke find out he had a daughter?

When she contacted him after she did a science experiment


What town do Rory and Lorelai live in?

Stars Hollow


Where did Rory and Lorelai live when they first left Hartford?

A potting shed


When did Rory’s grandparents find out that she was having sex?

After they made her have dinner with a reverend


What is the name of Kirk’s cat?



How many children did Sookie and Jackson end up having?



Why does Lorelai take Rory on an impromptu trip to Harvard?

She called off her engagement to Max and needed to get out of town

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