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Following news that Rashida Jones was poised for an exit from her role as Ann in Parks and Recreation, fans were left to wonder what the actor has planned as her next small screen venture. As it happens, it's something off-screen. Jones is set to team with her sister Kidada Jones to pen an hour-long dramedy for the CW called Ladyballs. It's not about a female soccer team, in case you're wondering. It's actually about revenge! Not the Emily Thorne kind. Presumably, this project aims to be funnier.

THR reports that Jones and Jones are teaming for an hour-long called Ladyballs, which was formerly titled The Revengers. The latter title better clues us into the plot of this dramedy. The premise centers on two estranged friends whose paths cross in New York City when they discover they're both dating the same guy. They join forces and plot to exact revenge on the two-timing man, the results of which somehow manage to go viral. Hot on the success and popularity of their scheme, the duo decide to go into business exacting revenge on people who have wronged others. It sounds like a fun set-up and one that seems perfectly set up for a blend of comedy and drama. The script will be penned by Prep School Confidential author Kara Taylor.

Given the female-skewed plot, New York setting and mention of it being a dramedy, it sounds like this project could be nicely paired next to the Sex and the City prequel series The Carrie Diaries.

While Jones is probably better known to most for her acting work, which includes Parks and Rec, The Office, and going back a bit further, Freaks and Geeks, she has some writing experience, having penned a comic book series called Frenemy of the State and the screenplay Celeste and Jesse Forever. As TV could always use more great female writers, I'd say this shift to a writing role for a potential series is an exciting step for Jones, whose experience in comedy on television should help her in developing other small screen projects. And assuming the apple doesn't fall far from the other apple, two funny Joneses could prove to be even better than one. Kidada Jones doesn't have any listed writing credits, but she has done some acting, though most of her credits go back more than a decade.

As THR points out, Ladyballs is the second project Jones has in the works. She's also teamed with her Celeste & Jesse Forever writing and producing partner Will McCormack for a comedy called Stuck, which earned a put-pilot commitment from Fox and includes Parks and Recreation writer Alexandra Rushfield.

While we wait to see what becomes of both of Jones' projects, there's still more of her to see on Parks and Recreation. The actor will return to the series for the sixth season, and is expected to depart the NBC comedy along with Rob Lowe after the thirteenth episode of the season.

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