Revenge Spoilers: Returning Villains, A Love Triangle And A Party On The Beach

How great was last night’s Revenge. This would be about the time that I’d try to rustle up a photo or two or a preview video from next week’s episode. Unfortunately, not only did we not get a post-episode “Next on Revenge” promo last night, nor did ABC offer any photographic glimpses of the future for the series, but there is no new episode of Revenge airing next week... nor the week after, it seems.

I’ll give you a moment to let the disappointment sink in and mark your calendar for February 8th as it looks like we have until then to countdown to more Hamptons drama.

Fortunately, what we do have to look forward to is the big reveal of the beach party where someone (Daniel? - Not confirmed) gets shot. That’s coming up soon. This is where the non-spoilery part of the article ends. For those of you who aren’t looking for clues as to what’s ahead for the ABC drama series, you can read our thoughts on last night’s episode (“Commitment”) here.

Moving on, Entertainment Weekly has an upcoming Winter TV Preview issue set to hit stands and Revenge is featured on the cover:

The site also spoke with Revenge mastermind Mike Kelley about what’s ahead for the series, including returning villains, love triangles, and the murder on the beach.

Even more spoilers ahead, so consider yourselves warned...

Back in November, we learned that the murder on the beach mystery, which was shown in part to us at the very beginning of the series, before we flashed back to the start of the summer, was set to be revealed during the series’ thirteenth episode, but was later pushed off to Episode 15. If you’re keeping count, last night’s “Commitment” was Episode 13, which means in 2 episodes, we’ll finally get to see what happened on the beach.

Presumably, Daniel is shot and killed, however we never actually do see his face during that scene. If you didn’t realize that, believe me, you’re not alone. So while it seems likely that someone is going to die on the beach during the upcoming episode, which according to EW’s info, will air on February 15th, it is not confirmed to be Daniel. In fact, there’s a good chance we’ll be surprised by what happens:

Someone will be arrested for the murder, and someone will be dead. Plus, Kelly promises one bombshell in the great reveal that no one could anticipate. “I don’t think anyone will have guessed it,” he says, “but we’ll see.”

Any guesses?

As for returning villains, apparently both Tyler and Amanda will be back...?

They’ll both return and “decide to start f—ing with Emily, and they’ve got new, different agendas,” reveals Revenge creator Mike Kelley. “Emily’s got a number of enemies at this point with bones to pick.”

I guess it’s no surprise that either are completely out of the picture, though I was sort of hoping they’d fade from our memories a bit more before they returned. I’m going to speculate that Amanda’s agenda has something to do with Jack? At this point, she’s high on my list of suspects of beach-shooters. Whether or not it’s really Daniel that gets shot, I could see Amanda attempting to shoot Daniel as revenge against Emily for driving her away from Jack somehow. We know she’s capable of killing, a bit unstable emotionally, and in love with Jack (regardless of the fact that she’s been lying to him). She might prove to be a bigger danger than Tyler.

On the subject of Jack, Daniel and Amanda, EW mentions increased tension among the trio and quotes Kelley and Nick Wchsler (Jack) on the subject of the love triangle as it relates to the night of the engagement party...

. “Everything that happens on the beach that night will forever alter the course of Emily’s romantic ties to both Jack and Daniel,” Kelley says cryptically. Adds Wechsler: “Jack is starting to want to fight for Emily himself.”

Is that a (big) hint that Emily and Daniel have a future beyond the engagement party? Then again, if he does die on the beach that night, that would fall under "forever alter" as far as their romantic ties go...

EW’s winter TV preview issue will be available on stands on January 20th. In the meantime, those of us who are waiting for Revenge to return have to wait until February 8th, but from the sound of it, the next two episodes are big ones!?

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