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Revolution, Private Practice And Other Shows That Benefit Greatly From DVR

Time delay returns might change the fate of some of the network’s most under watched shows. For instance, when looking from week to week at NBC’s new science fiction drama, Revolution the number sank some from the first episode to the second. However, if you count the tape-delayed viewings, Revoluton actually earned a 5.2 rating—making it the second most-watched scripted program of the week, after Modern Family. Revolution isn’t the only show benefitting from waiting for the percentages that pop up with the three-day-later time delay returns.

A few weeks ago, we posted some numbers from Nielsen, explaining how live TV platforms are down and other TV viewing platforms are steadily increasing. Now, THR has put together some pretty concrete DVR numbers, explaining a few of the shows that do a hell of a lot better once the time delay returns numbers come in.

Some of the shows that have done far better post-DVR rankings include ABC’s Castle and NBC’s Parenthood, which posted 38% and 39% gains, respectively. If you think that’s good, ABC’s Private Practice actually did 47% better. Again, none of these programs are doing better in the time delay ratings than Revolution, because that show was up a whopping 53%.

Some shows post very few gains after the time delay returns come in. For instance, both Fox’s Ben and Kate only did 14% better and Partners only did 8% better (Spoiler alert: no one is watching that show). It’s great that there are opportunities for viewers to watch television when and how they want to, and I hope the ratings continue to usher in new opportunities for TV watching. Here’s to hoping the numbers won’t have an affect on the fast-forwarding opportunities DVR presents, though.