Rob Lowe Will Reprise Role In Californication Season 7

Californication is pretty busy gearing up for a seventh season on Showtime. The new season won’t air until 2014, but shooting is already underway and on Tuesday the network announced that a very special guest star will be returning to the series during its next round at bat. Rob Lowe has signed on to reprise his role as Eddie Nero.

Apparently, re-signing Rob Lowe was so important that Showtime’s comedy series wrote up an entire press release dedicated to the upcoming guest stint. With that in mind, you would think he would be popping up for at least a few episodes, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, as the character has in past seasons, Nero will be popping up only briefly and will appear in one episode during Season 7.

Eddie Nero is Hank’s old pal, an in-demand actor who is the life of the party but who, like every other character on the show, has his own share of personal problems. Nero initially entered into the plot in order to play Hank in the film version of his book Fucking and Punching, but the character has appeared several times since.

Nero last played a big role in Season 6 when he showed up for a party Atticus threw at Charlie’s place. In the episode, Eddie and Karen have a thing going on, which annoys Hank even though Hank is at the party with Faith. I don’t know how Karen and Hank’s on-again, off-again jealousy bs has managed to keep the audience’s attention for six seasons, now, but that story is still going strong into the new season.

A lot has happened on Californication since that episode. The new season will feature Hank’s movie, Santa Monica Cop, becoming a TV series. Nero will factor into the plot after signing on to the fictional TV series as a guest star. The season will also feature Hank having problems with his new TV boss, Hank meeting up with a female from his past, and more relationship stuff between Karen and Hank (I told you that plotline was still going strong).

I’m just happy that Lowe has been able to fit Californication into his schedule, once more. With projects like the new season of Parks and Rec and Killing Kennedy slated to hit the schedule soon, he should be pretty busy in the coming months.

Lowe isn’t the only guest star signed on for Season 7. Other famous names include Stephen Tobolowsky, Alonzo Bodden, Heather Graham, Michael Imperioli, and Mary Lynn Rajskub. Keep any eye for more Californication news over the coming months, as the show should return to the schedule early next year.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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