It seems that Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich just can’t get enough stop-motion tomfoolery. After five seasons of using toys to spoof everything from Star Wars to My Little Pony on Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken, Green and Senreich are adding another show to their docket. According to THR, the duo are teaming up for a new YouTube series called Stoopid Monkey.

If you’re a Robot Chicken fan, that probably sounds familiar. Green and Senreich’s production company is called Stoopid Monkey Productions, and anybody’s who’s stuck around to the end of an RC episode has heard Seth Green’s irritated delivery of the name. (It’s also a Futurama reference.) So, what’s Stoopid Monkey’s Stoopid Monkey all about?

From the sound of things, Robot Chicken fans will feel right at home. Stoopid Monkey will feature a blend of live-action and stop-motion footage, and will focus on the adventures of an actual stupid monkey named Stoopid Monkey (voiced by Senreich), as well as his friends Biggie (v. Green) and QT (v. Hillary Bergen). Apparently the three main characters will be performed by real actors, who will then be digitally swapped out for stop-motion versions, resulting in a bizarre hybrid of the two styles. So, sort of like a cross between The Nightmare Before Christmas and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I guess?

Two episodes of Stoopid Monkey will hit YouTube every Friday beginning this week and lasting for 10 weeks. You’ll be able to find the eps right here.

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