Rocko's Modern Life Is Getting A Complete Series Release In February

Ever since Shout! Factory nabbed the rights to Rocko’s Modern Life, the company has been churning out DVD sets. According to Joe Murray, who created the popular nineties cartoon, the season sets have sold so well, Shout! Factory has decided to put together a complete series set for the show. Even better, fans will be able to nab a copy much sooner than they might assume.

Currently, Shout! Factory is working to put together a Season 4 set that will hit sometime later in 2013. Also in 2013, the company will release what Murray is referring to as Rocko’s Modern Life: All Complete Seasons Set, which is a gruesome title that will probably be reworded to The Complete Series by the time the DVD hits the market. After hinting at the news on his blog, on Monday, Murray wrote that the set would be available for purchase beginning on February 26, 2013. So, if you’ve been waiting to purchase a copy of the series, February may be the best time. If you are simply waiting for Season 4, you will have a little longer than February to wait.

There’s no cover art or details yet for the set and, in fact, Shout! Factory hasn’t officially stated the wallaby and O-Town will get a complete series collection. However, Murray also says the 2012 Rocko Live event will be included as a bonus feature, as well as a copy of a full color art piece, which will also appear as the box art. Since Shout! Factory doesn’t usually go all out on the bonus features, the release should be special, indeed. We’ll keep you posted when Shout! Factory gets it act together and actually announces the set.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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