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Battlestar Galactica creator Ronald D. Moore isn't letting the cancellation of Caprica getting him down. Just yesterday we learned he sold a Coast Guard drama to NBC, and now Deadline reports he's got a show in the works at CBS as well, with a title you may be familiar with.

Moore and former CSI executive producer Naren Shankar are teaming up to reboot the 1960s series The Wild Wild West, which you doubtlessly remember better as the 1999 Will Smith flop. CBS is currently riding high with their Hawaii Five-0 reboot, and Moore based Battlestar on the original 70s TV series, so clearly everyone in this bunch is comfortable with pillaging the past to find something that feels fresh. It's unclear how much the new series will vary from the format of the original, which followed two Secret Service agents investigating federal crimes in the post-Civil War west, but I guarantee they'll avoid anything that reminds anyone of the Will Smith version.

But because the song "Wild Wild West" is now stuck in my head, let's go ahead and indulge in the bad old days for a minute… Big WIllie style.

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