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If you had to list five nice things about your significant other, you'd probably be able to come up with them, right? Hopefully, that's the case. That task proves to be tricky for Jeff in tonight's episode of Rules of Engagement, titled fittingly, "The Five Things." One of the clips we have to show you reveals Jeff's attempt to deliver his list…

Tonight's episode of CBS' Rules of Engagement has Jeff (Patrick Warburton) trying to come up with five nice things to say about his wife Audrey (Megyn Price). As you'll see in the clip, he does managed to do that, but his reasons aren't all that original…

As a movie fanatic, I'd probably find some element of romance in someone using movie quotes to tell me how they feel about me. Of course, in Jeff's case, it seems this is less about serenading her with classic movie romances as it is about not being able to think of a handful of nice things to say about his wife. It's back to the drawing board for him!

In this clip, Russell (David Spade) offers Timmy (Adhir Kalyan) some helpful romantic advice.

"Skin flautist." (Just had to repeat that phrase somewhere.)

Here's CBS' official description for the episode, which airs tonight.
"The Five Things" — Jeff is stumped when Audrey asks him to come up with five nice things to say about her. Meanwhile, Russell pushes Timmy to serenade a woman he’s fallen for, and Jennifer and Adam are shocked when they mistakenly get Audrey and Jeff’s bank statement, on RULES OF ENGAGEMENT,Thursday, April 26 (8:31-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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