Rumor Has It, Karen Might Be Leaving The Office

Are you Team Karen or Team Pam? Anyone who watches ‘The Office’ regularly has probably chosen a side by now. Fans of the Karen/Jim relationship might have cause to worry as it looks like Karen might not be around for much longer. Rishada Jones, who plays Karen on the hit NBC comedy shot a pilot for Fox called ‘The Rules for Starting Over.’ If the show gets picked up, she’ll be leaving ‘The Office,’ sending Jim back to Singles-Ville.

E!’s Kristin Veitch reported on her blog today that sources are telling her that two endings for the season finale of ‘The Office’ have been shot. One ending has Karen leaving and the other ending obviously has her sticking around. If Fox decides not to pick up ‘The Rules for Starting Over’ Jones will be returning to ‘The Office’ when the fourth season picks up this fall. Veitch also mentioned that there's a possibility that 'The Office' could be permanently super-sized next season. Rather than the usual 30 minute episodes, there’s a chance the show could be enhanced with one-hour episodes each week. Thirty more minutes of ‘Office’ each week? Yes, please!

As for the future of Jim and Karen, everyone including the producers of ‘The Office’ are in wait-and-see mode at the moment. Those of us who know Pam and Jim are made for each other know it’s only a matter of time before things fall apart for Jim and Karen, regardless of whether or not Jones stays with the show. Fox will announce their decision about ‘Starting Over’ later this month at the Upfronts.

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Kelly West
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