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With an upcoming appearance on the CW's 90210 and a possible reality show in the future, Ryan Lochte appears to be looking to stay in the public eye. And now it seems he has another network TV cameo in the works. Word is, the Olympic swimmer is set to make an appearance on 30 Rock next season. reported the news, mentioning that Lochte was in New York for Fashion Week for E! and including a quote from the gold medalist stating that he's going to be doing a cameo for 30 Rock, which is shooting today.
I know I have the cameo for 30 Rock in the morning, and after that, E! And then Live With Kelly. So I’m all over the place.

He's clearly making the most of his time in New York, and 30 Rock fans will benefit from that at some point during the NBC comedy series' upcoming seventh season. I can only imagine what 30 Rock will do with Lochte, but I'm sure that whatever it is, it will be funny.

Last week, we shared the update that Lochte was reportedly in talks with E! to do a reality show, which would follow his day-to-day life and training. Given how much attention he received during the Olympics, not only for his accomplishments in the pool, but for comments he (or his mother) have made, it's not surprising that he might want to parlay the established fame into a career in the entertainment industry. Whether or not he's successful with it remains to be seen, but it'll be interesting to see him show up on 30 Rock. The NBC series returns for Season 7 on October 4.

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