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Science Has Figured Out How To Pause The TV When You Fall Asleep

Thanks to two British teenagers, we finally have the solution to one of the biggest problems to plague TV watchers and Netflix bingers since low internet speeds. Apparently, this teenage duo has used the awesomeness of science and 3D printing to create a wristband that can actually pause the television for you when you fall asleep.

The wristband, which is called a KipstR, senses when its wearer goes to sleep, and then it acts like a TiVo remote, pausing the television and recording whatever the wearer is watching. Watching TV with a group of people? No worries. The others in the room can use the television remote to change the channel and watch another show while your show records as you catch some z’s.

kipstR wristband

So how does it work? According to The Daily Mail, the KipstR uses a pulse oximeter to monitor the blood flow of the wearer. When you drift off to sleep, the amount of oxygen that circulates in your blood flow changes slightly. The oximeter recognizes the change, which is essentially a change in your pulse. The developers are hoping to have future versions of the KipstR monitor the wearer’s emotional shifts, as that could also alter blood flow. So maybe future versions of the KipstR will be able to recognize when you’re watching a sports game on TV and of you get too worked up, KipstR will pause and record the game while you cool off? We’ll just have to see what new KipstRs brings us in the future.

The teens who created the wristband, fifteen year-old Ryan Oliver and fourteen year-old Jonathan Kingsley used their knowledge gleaned from their studies as industry specialists at Manchester Creative Studio to create the wristband. And this isn't even the boys' first innovation. Oliver and Kingsley have been dabbling in engineering and software since they were young kids, and jumped at the exciting prospect to design a product for Virgin Media. Both boys are excited to see this product out on the market and hope it can change the way people view television. They also are excited to start their careers, as recognition from this project will most likely help them get funded for more.

They were commissioned to create the KipstR by Virgin Media in conjunction with Virgin’s Switched on Futures Initiative. Since Virgin is behind the creation of the KipstR, it will work in conjunction with Virgin Media’s TV services. So while the KipstR hasn’t been released yet, once it becomes available for purchase, only Virgin Media-users will be able to take advantage of the wristband. This Christmas, a select few Virgin Media customers will get to take the KipstR out for a test drive with the hopes of a mass release next Christmas.