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With all due respect to Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Bachelor, I’m not sure there’s a single reality program airing today more stuffed with cringe-worthy drama than Dance Moms. From screaming matches to passive aggressive weight comments to colossal overreactions to dancing competitions, the stars have never met a situation they’re unwilling to overreact to, and this $5 million lawsuit is a pretty good example of that.

On this week’s episode of the Lifetime reality show, things got really weird. Abby Miller, the leader of the dance crew, and Kelly Hyland, one of the moms, got into a pretty vicious argument over how her daughters were being treated. Shouts turned into threats which turned into Abby biting at Kelly’s face in a confrontational manner which turned into Kelly firing off a few pathetically weak slaps. The police were called. Kelly was charged with assault, and now, lawyers are involved.

You can watch a clip of what happened below…

Based on that footage, which woman do you think is the one suing? It’s hard to tell, right? Well, the answer is Hyland, the one with the short-ish blond hair. According to TMZ, she’s suing both Miller and the show’s producers on a combination charge for the whole barking/ intimidation thing and for allegedly driving her away from the scene and letting her take a plane when they should have realized an arrest warrant was very likely to be filed.

You can claim this show is fake all you want. In fact, it’s likely quite a few of the storylines during each episode are helped along and shaped by producers, but the animosity between a lot of these women is very clearly real. The hate runs deep. You can see it in their eyes, and now, we can see it in legal documents too.

That being said, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this lawsuit going anywhere. This fight isn’t exactly Ali-Frazier. Hell, it’s not even Shia LaBeouf-random dude, and whether she wishes it was or not, not telling someone they’ll likely be arrested for an assault they allegedly committed is not a crime.

Expect this lawsuit to be quietly dismissed. In the meantime, feel free to continue watching Dance Moms when no one else is home to judge you. I do. Jennifer Lawrence does, and quite a few more million people do too.

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