If someone were to tell me Bill Lawrence, the creator of such hits as Spin City and Cougar Town, were to hook up with Greg Malins, the executive producer on Friends and How I Met Your Mother, for a series, I would declare fate had a funny bone. Usually the ethos can’t cook up such a supreme comedy duo. TV juggernauts are often lone wolves fighting for creative control, or else are working in restricted contracts which would limit a person’s matchmaking field. Luckily, Lawrence and Malins are both under contract at Warner Bros. TV, and their specific brand of match made in heaven has become a hot commodity.

The two men have put together a workplace comedy, which, as of yet, is untitled. The two men are keeping most of the details under wraps, except to state Malins will work as showrunner on the project and it will be a multi-camera project. Whatever the details are, the pilot must show promise. Deadline is reporting CBS bought the project as soon as it was proposed to the network. CBS is so excited, it has even gone ahead and committed a pilot episode.

Lawrence and Malins' project is CBS’s first big comedy buy of the season. The few details we have don’t really explain enough to get excited, just yet. Suffice to say, even if the program only does as well as Malins’ other show on the network, How I Met Your Mother, it should be good enough for the ratings. HIMYM is continually last in the network’s comedy ratings and that show still earns like 10 million viewers an episode. With Lawrence and Malins’ pedigree, they should do fine.

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