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Did you know you could be watching the season premiere of the new Knight Rider right now? If you haven’t already watched it, Hulu has the season premiere up and we’ve got it posted right here! Since we realize that not everyone has access to Hulu.com’s videos, we posted a bunch of clips from the episode as well. Enjoy!

Knight Rider will “officially” premiere on NBC on Wednesday, September 24th at 8:00 p.m. You’re free to wait until then or else, watch it in the hulu embed we’ve posted below:

As we realize that many of you folks outside the U.S. aren’t able to access videos through Hulu.com, we thought we’d give you something else to watch to keep your minds busy until the series officially premieres on NBC (or whatever affiliated channel you have that shows NBC programming). Below are a bunch of super-spoilery clips for your viewing pleasure: