See Flash And Arrow's Amazing Costumes And Gadgets On Display At Comic-Con

As you might have guessed, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are not the only DC heroes being represented on the convention floor of at San Diego Comic-Con. The small screen versions of Flash and Arrow are also sharing the spotlight as well, and we got some great shots of what they have on display!


Featured in the DC Entertainment section of the convention floor and parked just a few feet away from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice display, this case featuring the authentic, Grant Gustin-worn Flash costume is just one of many boxes representing The CW’s two hit superhero shows. And not only are super suits being featured, but also a number of cool props. For example, remember Jay Garrick’s hat from the Season 1 finale of Flash?


I also learned two very important things: for starters, the Arrow costume looks surprisingly skinny when it’s not being worn by Stephen Amell (also make note of Felicity Smoak’s glasses)


And Sebastian Blood’s mask from Season 2 looks even more creepy up close:


Speaking of villains, some of Flash’s most prominent bad guys from the first season also manage to get represented in one way or another. For example, the case with the Reverse Flash costume also had Pied Piper’s sound wave emitting gauntlets:


And paired with the costume for Captain Cold (who will also be featured in the upcoming series Legends of Tomorrow) is the “Wizard’s Wand” – a.k.a. the device created by Cisco that allows Flash to reverse the powers of the Weather Wizard:


You can see all of these images and more in the gallery below. It’s the perfect way to get pumped for the return of Flash and Arrow in the fall!

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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