On The Set Of Community: Alison Brie Talks About Annie's Big Move

In the first few seasons of Community we learned about the deplorable conditions that Annie, played by Alison Brie, has to live in. Because her parents have completely cut her off, she lives in most dangerous part of town, sometimes carries a gun around for protection, has bars on her windows and lives above a massive sex shop called Dildopolis. But worry about Annie no longer: this week, in an episode titled “Studies in Modern Movement,” Annie is getting away from her crappy apartment and moving in with Troy and Abed.

All this week I’ve been posting my on-set interviews with the cast of the amazing NBC show, starting with Chevy Chase and Gillian Jacobs, but now we get to the star of this week’s episode. Check out my interview with the lovely Alison Brie below in which she talks about what Annie was up to the summer between seasons, how she’s dealing with the move, and even a few lies about what we can expect later this year on the show.

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