On The Set Of Community: Chevy Chase On Pierce's Personal Growth

NBC’s Community has now been on the air for a little over two seasons. In that time, we’ve gotten to know the outrageously fun characters, watched them go through some wild adventures and experience the absolutely insane world that is Greendale Community College. Jeff and Annie have dabbled in taboo romance; Troy and Abed have developed one of the weirdest friendships we’ve ever seen; Pierce and Shirley continue to wage battle and Britta…is, well, Britta. But, most importantly, the show has established itself as being one of the best, most inventive shows on television. Hence why I was incredibly excited to head to the set and watch them tape “Studies in Modern Movement,” the new episode set to premiere this Thursday.

Taking up Abed’s offer that was made in “Remedial Chaos Theory,” Annie has made the decision to move out of her crappy apartment above Dildopolis and move in to Troy and Abed’s shared place. Because this is the study group, however, nothing goes precisely to plan.

All this week I will be posting my one-on-one video interviews with the cast of the show – which I recorded while sitting in Jeff’s chair and the head of the table – discussing not only what’s been going on this season (I was on set the week before the season three premiere), but also what the characters are getting up to this week. First up is the legendary Chevy Chase, who, even after all this time, is still the pariah of the study group. Check out the video interview below and look out for the quick Gillian Jacobs cameo* (and look out for my interview with her later today!).

*I would later find out that Torg is, in fact, the name of the terrifying Norwegian troll that Pierce uses to torture Troy in “Remedial Chaos Theory.” Great times.

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