On The Set Of Community: Yvette Nicole Brown Discusses Wanting To Do A Story WIth Donald Glover

All this week I’ve been going around the legendary study table of NBC’s Community and posting video interviews with the cast that I conducted while on set a few weeks ago. With the new episode, “Studies in Modern Movement” airing tonight, we’re coming down to the home stretch and that kicks off with the wonderful Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays the delightful, if not sometimes judgmental, Shirley.

In the gang’s newest adventure, Annie, played by Allison Brie, is moving in with Troy and Abed. During one scene I got to watch them shoot, as I mentioned briefly during my interview with Gillian Jacobs Shirley expresses a bit of concern about a young girl moving in with two guys and ends the scene with a great stab at Pierce, played by the great Chevy Chase.

Check out the interview below in which Yvette Nicole Brown talks about how Shirley being a mother of a newborn has affected her character, the show’s absolutely brilliant writing, and her desire to have a story arc featuring herself and Troy, played by Donald Glover.

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