Last year one of the best new comedies on television premiered on ABC. Mixing together a great group of characters that has to rebound and repair relationships after an incredibly awkward situation, Happy Endings was one of the most consistently funny programs on television and that has continued right into this year. Now five episodes in to its second season, the show hasn't missed a beat and continues to build its great characters and develop funny situations. This Wednesday airs the sixth episode of the year, which is actually quite special. Why? Because I was on set while they filmed it and had the chance to talk with some of the stars of the show about where they are going this season and preview a few of the laughs ahead.

First up this week we have Casey Wilson, who, of course, plays the incredibly lovable - if not flawed - Penny Hartz. The season kickstarted with the character trying to build The Year Of Penny: the year that everything would go her way, she would get her life together and, possibly, even meet Mr. Right. That, of course, hasn't all gone exactly to plan, as she's had to deal with a spinster curse, her mom visiting, and last week a Halloween gone awry. So how does Penny deal with all that? Check out my interview with Casey Wilson below!

*Note: This interview was shot prior to the season premiere, just to give you a sense of where my questions are coming from. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more from my visit from the set tomorrow!

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