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Subscription cable is sometimes in an enviable position. Even when a program does not do quite as well in the ratings, it will often stick around to finish its storyline, provided the show has been given good reviews. Before its horse-death fiasco, HBO’s Luck was an example of a well-reviewed show that really could not find a very large audience. Even though Showtime’s The Borgias has suffered a similar fate in its second season, the subscription cable company is willing to give the Jeremy Irons-led drama another round.

Showtime has renewed The Borgias for a third season, set to air in 2013. The move is a little early and perhaps a little surprising, considering the period drama is currently smack dab in the middle of its second season schedule and has been earning almost half the viewers the show earned during Season 1. Still, if you’ve ever caught the drama, it is a fairly compelling story of 15th century Italian crime and the Popedom, and Jeremy Irons is so good, he totally earned a Golden Globe nomination after Season 1. Given another year, maybe he will even pull through with a win.

According to THR, Season 3 of The Borgias has been given a full season order, which means 10 more episodes will be headed to fans' televisions in 2013. It will be a while yet before we get any specific details on the show’s third run, but if I had to guess, I expect we will be seeing the show on the network around this time next year. Let’s just hope those ratings improve in the time being.

You can catch The Borgias on Showtime Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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