Showtime Renews Weeds For Season 8

In what may or may not be considered good news, depending on how you feel about the last season of Showtime’s Weeds, it looks like Nancy Botwin will live on, or the show will, anyway, as Showtime is giving the dramedy series an eighth season.

Deadline reports that after lengthy negotiations between Lionsgate and Showtime, Weeds has officially been picked up for an eighth season. Set to air in 2012, the season will consist of 13 episodes.

Weeds started out as a series about a suburban widow who made money to support her family (and somewhat lavish lifestyle) by secretly selling marijuana to the other upper-middle-class residents in her community. Over the last few seasons, the series has evolved quite a bit, with the Botwins no longer living in the suburbs, and Nancy’s drug-dealing situation constantly changing. The story has been kind of a mess for seasons, but those of us who’ve invested a lot of time in the series will continue to watch, if only to see what the characters get up to next. Or maybe that's just me.

Regardless, the series renewal is good news if only because it means we’ll get to see who, if anyone, was shot. The seventh season ended with a gun aimed at Nancy. It’s possible someone else from her family was the target, as she wasn’t alone when the shot was fired. Had the series been cancelled, we might never have learned who shot who. And there’s always the hope that the series will find its footing again in Season 8. Perhaps it’ll get back to its roots in putting Nancy back in the suburbs, living a double-life. That worked really well in the series’ earlier days and it could be just what the show needs to be good again.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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