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Sons of Anarchy is paving the road to Season 7 with excitement, surprising fans with against-the-grain casting choices and dropping ominous teasers that hint at a deadly final season. (All of these seasons have been deadly, surely, but I’m thinking some major players are going to bite the dust.) So it makes complete sense (by making no sense at all) that the latest guest star to join the violent drama is Glee actress and singer Lea Michele.

Unless Kurt Sutter decides to go completely off-course with his approach, Michele won’t be giving any vocal performances for her spot, which will come in Episode 6. According to EW, she’ll play a truck stop waitress named Gertie, whose single-motherdom makes her an empathetic ear for Gemma to talk to during a “difficult time.” That difficult time will probably include her son Jax (or a selection of other characters) wanting to murder her for her past behavior. Michele's scenes will probably be wrought with metaphorical language, as I can’t see Gemma earnestly confessing her laundry list of woes. My guess is that Gertie will live through the episode, although anything is possible.

Michele actually made the announcement herself through Twitter. Sutter is a social network superstar, so it’s no surprise that he embraces the sub-medium for some of the show’s headline news.

In case you were wondering who the “@Harparbar” refers to, it’s director/producer Paris Barclay, who will be helming Michele’s episode, along with the season premiere. He sat behind the camera for eleven episodes prior to Season 7, and has been an executive producer for the last few seasons. He also directed eight episodes of Glee over the years, so he and Michele already have a working relationship.

Michele joins the previously announced Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love as this year’s musician stars, while Annabeth Gish and Malcolm-Jamal Warner have also signed on for recurring roles. For the show’s Comic-Con panel, Sutter revealed a prequel series is in the cards at some point, and previewed some Season 7 footage, including Jax carving a swastika into a fellow prisoner’s stomach. Light-hearted stuff.

Sons of Anarchy debuts its final season on Tuesday, September 9, with a whopping 105-minute episode. Will you be along for this bloody ride?

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