Sons Of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter And The X-Files' John Shiban Developing A Horror Drama At FX

FX has horror and it has Kurt Sutter, but what about a series that combines both? That may be in the future for the cable network. The Sons of Anarchy creator has reportedly locked in a deal to develop a horror-drama for the network, along with Hell on Wheels' John Shiban.

Kurt Sutter's characters in Sons of Anarchy are often battling personal demons in the biker drama, but it sounds like that'll take a more literal meaning for this new project, which is titled Lucas Stand, and according to EW, follows a special ops soldier on a quest for salvation, who's been chosen to "been chosen to traverse time and place to hunt down and kill Hell’s law-breaking demons." It certainly sounds dark, potentially violent and extremely promising for an FX series.

Sutter and Shiban have signed a script deal for the project, so it's a bit early to start counting our demons before they hatch, but going by the premise alone, it definitely sounds like something that would allow Sutter to stretch his creativity even further. Sons of Anarchy does a great job of balancing human drama and emotion with gritty suspense and violence, but from the sound of it, this horror-drama could take that to the next level, as it's not bound to the standard rules of space and time. So hopefully things will move forward with this project. In the meantime, Sutter also has Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy in the works, as well as a dark comedy in development with Belle Zwerdling and his wife (and Sons star) Katey Sagal. With Sons expected to end after its seventh season, it's good to know Sutter's developing other projects for FX.

Meanwhile, John Shiban's writing credits include The X-Files, Supernatural and Breaking Bad, which would make him well equipped to a tackle a drama like this. Teamed with Sutter, the two could come up with something really exciting.

Kelly West
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