Sons Of Anarchy's Theo Rossi Will Guest Star In Law & Order: SVU

After an epic Season 5 finale, the Sons of Anarchy crew has a bit of downtime before production on Season 6 begins. While many people might view that time as break time, Sons actor Theo Rossi is headed to NBC, where he has nabbed a guest starring role on Law & Order: SVU.

Rossi is supposed to appear in a Season 14 SVU episode just after the New Year’s celebration. According to TV Line, in the January 2 episode, Rossi has signed on to play Enrique Rodriguez, a Catholic churchgoer who gets involved in a scandal within his church after Detective Tutuola tries to prove his ex-brother-in-law is not guilty of a horrendous crime (of course, Ice-T would be involved in this plotline). Somehow, Enrique’s sister will also be involved in the scandal, however, and the young Catholic will work to ensure he brings justice to his family after his sister is identified as part of the church’s concealment plan.

Rossi’s character, Juice, in FX’s Sons of Anarchy is the actor’s biggest TV role to date. Adding the SVU stint to his resume will beef up an already solid number of guest-starring roles, which include (most recently) Alcatraz, Hawaii Five-0, Lie to Me, CSI: Miami, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. If and when Sons of Anarchy ends, at least he will always know he has gigs to fall back on. With Season 6 of the motorcycle gang drama locked in, at least he’s set for next TV season, though.

Jessica Rawden
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