South Park Debuts 'Lorde' Song And It's Awesome

South Park has had a great season in terms of recurring gags and callbacks. One of the funniest of these has been the season’s obsession with Lorde, including Stan’s dad dressing up as the wild-haired pop singer. This week, the South Park guys released the audio for the “Lorde” song “ Push (Feeling Good On a Wednesday) which may or may not have actually been sung by pop singer Sia (her camp hasn't confirmed, but it seems pretty obvious). You can listen to the full song, below.

A couple of weeks ago on South Park, Stan, Kyle and the rest of the gang were hoping to throw a big bash in order to celebrate their start-up company, The Washington Redskins. Soon after, South Park pulled off another incredible episode, during which Randy Marsh revealed he has actually been the New Zealand pop singer Lorde the entire time she has been famous, thanks to the wonders of auto-tune. Here’s a clip of the big reveal.

The episode also features some more shenanigans from Randy, who likes to have a creative outlet and wants to use the women’s bathroom. Then a reporter shows up to do an expose, other people start questioning their own sexual identities and long story short, everyone learns to live happily ever after and let others do their own thing, courtesy of, yes, a Randy/Lorde song called “Push”. It features neither Randy nor the real New Zealand pop singer, although Randy’s “ya ya ya” spoof does make an appearance.

While Randy Marsh isn’t actually Lorde in real life, the teenaged singer has actually taken the spoof really well, laughing about it and mimicking the “ya ya ya” that has become her South Park signature.

I’m not sure if the South Park guys will find a way to spoof Lorde any further during Season 18, but the show has certainly gotten some great laughs out of it so far. You can catch South Park on Comedy Central on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
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