South Park Season 16 Finale: Watch Obama Wins! Online

South Park closed out its 16th season with an episode that combined the two things everyone's been talking about for the last week and a half. One involves voting, the other involves the Force. Those who weren't able to keep up with the plot had the benefit of a certain beloved actor and narrator there to explain it. And for those who didn't catch the episode last night, it's online now! Grab your lightsaber and a plate of General Tso's Chicken and check it out!

Election season and Star Wars. These are the two hot topics these days, so naturally South Park used both to close out Season 16 of the long-running Comedy Central animated comedy series. "Obama Wins" has Cartman tampering with the election, but his motives weren't nearly as cut and dry as trying to control who was elected…

Click the image below to go to the full episode (and don't read beyond the image if you haven't watched it yet!)

What did we get in the final thirty minutes of South Park Season 16? A bit more election humor, a healthy does of Star Wars humor, an abundance of Hummer jokes ("Nothing beats a Hummer on Christmas morning!"), angry Mickey with a light saber, and a craving for Chinese food. "Everyone knows General Tsao's chicken!" And as a bonus, Morgan Freeman explained it all to us and managed to earn himself extra freckles in the process. All is right in the world.

We also got the sight of Disneyland with a bit of Star Wars pixie dust sprinkled over it.

Kelly West
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