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South Park Season 16 Returns Tonight With Sarcastaball

South Park returns tonight! The series' mid-season hiatus comes to an end as Season 16 resumes with "Sarcataball." From the preview and description we have to share with you for the episode, it seems this will be a Randy-focused episode, with a football theme.

"Sarcataball" will have Randy's changing attitude toward football safety rules having an impact on the sport. That's the vague description, but by the title and this clip, it appears sarcasm may play a factor.

It looks like Randy's stuck in sarcastic-mode! Somebody help him!

The description for the episode involves a "star athlete."

As a concerned parent, Randy radically changes the way football is played at South Park Elementary. The new version of the game quickly becomes the nation’s most popular sport. One gifted student emerges as a star athlete in Sarcastaball.

Could it be Butters? Is that who's standing up front in this photo?

Those helmets look like tin foil, and i'm not sure how much protection the bras are going to be, but knowing South Park, I'm guessing these are some of the decided-on new safety regulations - and part of the new sport of "Sarcastaball"!

South Park's "Sarcastaball" episode premieres Wednesday, September 26 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on COMEDY CENTRAL.