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With the assistance of The Book of Mormon co-writer Robert Lopez, last night’s episode of South Park took a few shots at Broadway, making a mess of some classic song lyrics in the process and parodying some of musical theater’s most celebrated playwrights... and it was really funny.

Either Parker, Stone and Lopez were making fun of Broadway musicals (after having won a Tony award for their own contribution to the theater) or they revealed a much guarded secret of the art-form during last night’s episode, titled “Broadway Bro Down.” The episode had Randy discovering the art of subtext as he learns that women are being fed subliminal messages during musicals, which inspire them to perform certain prolonged acts of oral gratitude on their spouses. Of course, Randy reacts to this by flying his wife to New York and having her see as many shows as they can squeeze in.

Broadway greats Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Stephen Schwartz and Sir Elton John were all parodied during the episode, and those of us more familiar with certain Broadway shows (especially Wicked) got to see snippets of the South Park take on the productions, which included shuffling around the lyrics to the songs (to avoid legal issues?)

Here are a couple of clips from the episode, or you can watch the whole thing here.

South Park airs Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.