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Jerry Springer’s no stranger to witnessing secrets being revealed, so it seems fitting that the former daytime talk show host should take on the role of hosting a dating game show that has contestants revealing their flaws.

According to the Associated Press, Springer’s been signed on to host Game Show Network’s new dating game show Baggage. The series will have contestants attempting to win over a potential date and in the process, they’ll be made to reveal their flaws. Everyone has baggage but these contestants will have actual baggage in the form of a suitcase that they’ll bring with them onstage to represent their big secret. In terms of specifics, among the contestants are a shoplifter, a woman who takers advice from psychics and a control freak.

Springer made a name for himself as the host of The Jerry Springer Show, which often featured people confessing their deep-dark secrets to loved ones. Looking back at that series, shoplifting sounds pretty tame by comparison to some of the reveals on Springer’s old show.

The Game Show Network will premiere Baggage on April 19th at 6:30 p.m. The 30-minute episodes will air Monday through Friday.

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