We’re one Wednesday away from American Idol, which means Fox has a two-hour window of primetime television to fill. The safe play would be for the network to devote the time to some of its freshman programming that could use a little help (Ben and Kate, for example) , but instead, the powers that be have decided to move forward with the latest in a long line of reality television series and specials featuring celebrities trying to learn how to moderately succeed at a random activity.

The most famous of these celebrity challenges is, of course, Dancing With The Stars, but beyond that raging success, that are quite a few largely forgotten programs or television specials that tried to capture the same magic and couldn’t quite get there. For all we know, tonight’s Stars In Danger: The High Dive might be just as fascinating, highly rated and wonderful as DWTS, but more than likely, it’ll be a moderately-rated to low-rated mess.

Here’s a trip down memory lane featuring five reality television shows that featured celebrities trying and failing to master random activities.

Fox’s Skating With Celebrities (2006)
Featuring six celebrities, plenty of famous Olympic ice skaters and host Summer Sanders, Skating With Celebrities was supposed to be Fox’s answer to the highly successful Dancing With The Stars. Unfortunately, Americans are just a whole lot less invested in ice skating, and the ratings weren’t even in the same ballpark. After only seven episodes, the reality competition program was given the heave-ho, leaving behind some marginally interesting skating footage and one wrecked marriage.

That’s right. During the show’s run, actress Kristy Swanson and figure skater Lloyd Eisler began getting busy despite the fact that he had a pregnant wife back home. Not long after, Kristy got pregnant with his baby, and Lloyd and his wife divorced eight months later. Without question, it was the illicit affair was the most interesting thing about the show, which may have played well to the Jersey Shore demographic but wasn’t exactly endearing to figure skating fans.

In case there was any question as to whether Americans would ever get on board with celebrities ice skating, the “no” was officially solidified in 2010 when ABC tried and failed with its reality show Skating With Stars.

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