Steve Jones May Not Be Returning To The X Factor For Season 2

There may be some shuffling/recasting set to take place among the judges and host between the first and second season of The X Factor. While the Fox singing competition is set to wrap up its first season this week, it’s already begun to search for acts for Season 2 and it may also need to start looking for a new host or a new judge.

It’s probably not a surprise to hear that Steve Jones may not be returning to host The X Factor. The more vocal reactions to his hosting abilities have been fairly negative, to say the least. Deadline is reporting that the Welsh host’s contract is up at the end of this season and that it will not be renewed for next season. Jones was originally supposed to co-host the show with Nicole Scherzinger, however after Cheryl Cole was bumped from her role as judge of the series, Nicole left the stage to join the judges table, leaving Jones to host the show on his own.

While it’s not all that much of a shock to hear that Jones isn’t (or most likely won’t be) returning for Season 2 of The X Factor, I’d be interested to see if someone else could handle the job better. One of the most awkward things Jones seems to have to do on a regular basis is keep the judges on track and keep the show running on time. If not for the host, I suspect each episode who have run well over the allotted time due to the judges/mentors bickering with each other.

Speaking of judges, Deadline suggests that Jones’ departure could leave room for Nicole to take over as host.

Kelly West
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