Stevie Nicks' 6 Witchiest Quotes (And A Clip!) On American Horror Story: Coven

Upon the start of season three of American Horror Story, most every viewer hoped and prayed that Stevie Nicks would managed to twirl herself into a guest appearance on the series. And, of course, she did. The hotly anticipated episode, "The Magic of Stevie Nicks," airs at long last tonight on FX, and because of that the queen of all things ethereal is making the interview rounds to talk about it. (Turns out those photos of her on set just weren’t enough.) And one thing remained clear throughout all of her press: it might be impossible to talk to the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman without being transfixed by her witchy ways. So we've compiled the best quips below.

In a clip from the series (above), Nicks’ signature style and swooping elegance take center stage following a performance of “Rhiannon,” one of the singer’s most popular songs from her Fleetwood Mac days. In print, the so-called (at least on the series) White Witch had more than a few things to say about the magical and fantastical hold she has on the collective consciousness.

  • Apparently, AHS: Coven frightened her: "I'm watching the show going, ‘Oh my god, this is the most twisted thing I've ever seen,'" Nicks explained to E! Online.

  • But she was able to make it through by focusing on the fairytale: “Yes, it's about witchcraft and all those crazy things, but it is still seen through the eyes of a fairytale. As long as it's seen through the eyes of a fairytale, I'm good with it.”

  • Still, she had some requests for her appearance: “I just want to put on a fantastic long black dress and have beautiful hair and wind and really high heels. I just want to walk through the beautiful white house and say ‘Hello, witches!’”

  • And she’s very fond of Misty Day as she revealed to Vulture: “Misty is just a personification of the person who I write for, and that doesn’t have anything to do with her being a witch. It has everything to do with her being a human being like all the rest of us who have hard times and music gets us all through it.”

  • Still, Nicks is obviously a witch. Her house is basically the coven enclave come to life: “It has the same white fireplaces, the oval fireplaces, the same kitchen, a very similar living room. When I walked in I was like, “Did you guys see my house? Am I in your dreams?”

  • Even with all that, there are some dissenters out there. Turns out Wiccans aren’t so big on her: “In 1977 probably, because I wore black — and why did I wear black? Because it’s the thinnest color — I started getting some really stupid wacky mail from witchy weirdos. I didn’t like it. I’d only been famous for two years, and it scared me. “

American Horror Story: Coven returns to FX tonight, Wednesday January 8, at 10PM.