Suits Just Renewed By USA For Season 6

Update: If you caught up with the finale of Suits, you can check out what we know about what is coming up for the characters in Season 6, here.

Suits just recently aired its fifth season premiere, and USA apparently got a good enough vibe that the network is signing on for yet another round of the hit law drama. On Wednesday, USA announced that Suits will officially be returning to the schedule for Season 6, although clearly there will be some time before next season hits the schedule, given it needs to be written, filmed, edited and marketed--after Season 5 airs.

In a statement, USA President Chris McCumber notes that Suits sets a “high bar,” for the network, which is both a really obvious but totally worthwhile legal joke and an endorsement of the show's basic quality. Suits has been down in the ratings over the last couple of seasons, but counting Live+ viewership, the series did 3.4 million total viewers, which is still a very nice figure. That's not enough to be promising five more seasons or huge raises across the board, but it's still more than enough to earn a basic renewal.

Obviously, we don’t know much about where Season 6 is headed, although the network did announce that 16 episodes of the series will be produced. So far this season, we’ve seen the ramifications of the Season 4 finale, when Rachel and Mike got engaged and Donna and Harvey split up their work partnership. Suits has always been a flashy and glitzy sort of show, and now that the series has gotten past Mike’s stint as an investment banker, things at Pearson Specter Litt should be a little closer to the usual pace.

That change should be welcomed by fans. While it was nice to see the show walk off in such an unusual direction, the heart and soul is still found very much in the courtroom, or at least in back door negotiations between brilliant minds that know every inch of the law book. It's always been most in its element when it engages in a series of one-ups, requiring more and more complicated moves and at times, shady practices. Moving forward, there's no reason to think the show won't give fans plenty of thought-provoking and exciting cases. That, balanced with just the right amount of personal life drama, may even start improving the numbers again too.

In addition to Suits, USA has new drama Mr. Robot currently on the schedule. The Season 1 premiere of that show aired after the Season 5 premiere of Suits last Wednesday, and just like Suits, has already been renewed for next TV season. You can catch new episodes of Suits on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET, only on USA. In addition, you can check out what else the network has going on this summer here.

Jessica Rawden
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