USA’s popular drama Suits has always been fun and a little cheeky, with pop culture references populating the pages of its scripts and funky, sometimes outrageous clothing modeled on its actors and actresses. Suits has never been afraid to be a little over-the-top, and with the drama hitting USA’s schedule for a fourth season this Wednesday, we expect the series to offer some more thrilling curveballs, especially considering the myriad of ways Season 3 panned out for the show’s various characters.

Honestly, Season 3 shook things up at the firm of Pearson Specter in ways that should change the way that stories are told on the series moving forward. If you're not completely caught up yet, we highly suggest you jump on it before Wednesday’s big premiere. However, if you are all caught up, here are the five biggest, most spoiler-filled changes going into Suits’ Season 4.

Mike’s New Job
Suits has been built and marketed as a series about a guy with an eidetic memory secretly pretending to be a high-profile New York lawyer. While that is a pretty wild premise, it’s that mythology that has separated Suits from the other lawyer dramas on television. Now, the drama is planning to flip its key premise on its head.

At the end of Season 3, Mike waffled with taking a job as an investment banker. Despite his loyalty to Harvey, becoming an investment banker would ensure he would no longer have to live a lie as a pseudo lawyer. When the U.S. Attorneys office came sniffing around, Mike took the job, and he’ll spend Season 4 as a client of Pearson Specter. Previews for the new season show Mike and Harvey in an antagonistic relationship with one another, as they are now playing on opposite sides. As Harvey noted in Season 3, Mike’s “still in the majors—it’ll just be a different sport.” At the time, I don’t really think he understood exactly what that could mean for his friendship with Mike, but I think their newly antagonistic relationship should spice things up quite a bit.

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