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Grey’s Anatomy is riding high on a great season and the good news that in spite of major cast contracts about to expire the network has no intentions of closing out the show. Now they’ve nabbed yet another awesome guest star, super-cool hottie Summer Glau, to add to the mix.

Zap2it reported today that Glau will appear in an upcoming episode of Grey’s (Episode 816 to be exact). She already has an impressive television resume with turns on the ill-fated but fan-adored Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and a guest spot on The Big Bang Theory. Glau is also appearing in the TNT pilot Scent of the Missing, about a K-9 search and rescue volunteer and based on a true story.

Grey’s is having a fabulous year, and fans who might be worried about losing stars like Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo with contracts coming up have had plenty of reassuring news. Patrick Dempsey is already negotiating his return, and another familiar face has been talking about making a comeback. Katherine Heigl recently told reporters she has told Grey’s showrunners she’d like to return.

While there is no word yet on what role Glau will play and how she will fit into the tangled web of dramatic storylines that is business as usual on Grey’s, she is an actress who has a way of making an impression and will likely do so in her appearance. The episode has already begun production, so we won’t have too long to wait to find out.