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Sunday Night Drama Queen: Housewives And Grey's Anatomy

I watched the last minute of 'Grey’s Anatomy' with my hands over my face. Part 1 of 2 of the season finale aired Sunday night. Part 2 will air Monday night from 9 pm to 11 pm (yes, two hours!). It seems as though things are really coming to a boil on 'Grey’s Anatomy' and I have no doubt that the second part of the finale will be overflowing with drama. 'Desperate Housewives' is also leading up to what is sure to be a fantastic finale but we’ll get to that later.

So correct me if I’m wrong but did Part 1 end with Izzie stopping Denny’s heart because she believed Burke would be arriving with a fresh heart for him and instead Burke is lying on the ground outside the hospital dying? Or did I blink and in the brief moment my eyes were closed, my mind filled the gap with the most insane scenario possible?

There are people out there who don’t like the Izzie/Denny story but I can’t lie… I’ve gotten a bit caught up in their drama. I think it’s logical that Izzie would fall for a guy like Denny. He’s handsome, warm and kind and virtually perfect (apart from the fact that he’s dying). It’s also likely that she was attracted to the fact that he wouldn’t be able to hurt her the way that Alex did… well, at least not anytime soon anyway. Either way, I think they’re both adorable but after tonight I have some serious doubts as to whether or not Izzie’s going to be around next season, regardless of whether or not Denny comes through. The ultimate twist will be that Denny ends up with Burke’s heart… if Burke doesn’t come through. I will be disappointed if that’s the case. I think Cristina’s relationship with Burke is the most interesting of all the relationships on the show.

Other notable moments – Callie attempts to break into the Meredith-club by showing Grey the cancer x-rays. I really hope Izzie and Meredith lighten up on her soon. If they had a reason for being nasty towards her I’d think they were funny but I don’t think Callie deserves the sorority-girl treatment she’s getting from them.

Also, am I alone in being disappointed by the “I do love him” remark Grey made at the end when she was hugging Finn? She was so obviously not talking about the dog. Just when they make us all fall for this vet guy, they throw the Grey/McDreamy back at us? Maybe I’m alone here but I was really hoping Meredith and the vet would have something somewhat lasting. Give the old McDreamy drama a rest for a bit. Plus I’m afraid if Derek and Addison split up, she’ll leave the show and I really like her character.

So that’s that for 'Grey’s Anatomy'. On to 'Desperate Housewives':

The Season Finale is just around the corner. Bree’s checked herself into a mental institution after her daughter runs away with Matthew Applewhite. Edie is in the hospital for bee-stings. Lynette caught Tom cheating (or did she?). Susan decides to handle the homeless situation on her own and Gabrielle won back her bedroom from her pregnant maid but did she lose Carlos in the process? Did anyone hear her say “Carlos is dead” in the previews for next week’s episode? I’m wondering if she meant it figuratively or if he actually dies.

Is there some kind of twist in Tom’s supposed infidelity. We all saw what Lynette saw. When she spoke to him in the bedroom earlier in the episode he was clearly hiding something. He lied to her about who he was with when she spoke to him on the phone and then he’s in some other woman’s house at night, headed upstairs with her. Its not hard to understand why Lynette would assume it was an affair. Either way, it looks like the season finale of 'Desperate Housewives' is shaping up to be a good one!