Supergirl Will Finally Explain What's Going On With Lucy Lane

Supergirl viewers will remember that two weeks ago, Jimmy Olsen’s ex-girlfriend Lucy Lane was introduced at the end of “Fight or Flight,” with the following week’s “How Does She Do It?” set to elaborate on their past relationship. However, following the terrorist attacks in Paris, France on November 13, CBS shifted the episode order around and aired the fifth episode “Livewire” instead on November 16. As expected, this left many confused when the series didn’t follow up on why she was in town, but with Episode 4 finally airing, viewers will learn what’s going on with Lois Lane’s little sister.

Lucy’s actress Jenna Dewan Tatum acknowledged to THR that she understood the reason for delaying “How Does She Do It?”, but assured fans that this Supergirl episode will clear up any questions about what’s she doing on the show. As Tatum explained:

I respect what CBS chose to do and what the producers chose to do, pulling the episode. It was the right thing to do. And I'm happy the episode is going to be seen in the end. I received a lot of messages from people who want to learn more about Lucy and how she ended up in this place with James in this episode. They were confused. So this episode will clear up a lot of deep questions people have about James and Lucy. This episode will give you much more to chew on.

After defeating Reactron in “Fight or Flight,” Kara came back to the CatCo offices to see Jimmy and Lucy with each other. We then learn that Lucy came from Metropolis to talk about where they left off in their relationship. It was revealed in the pilot that Jimmy came to National City to look after Kara on behalf of her famous cousin and to make a fresh start for himself, but now it sounds like he also want to get some distance from a bad breakup. Although Lucy was seen in “Livewire,” her specific reason for visiting Jimmy went unexplained, so now fans will most likely learn why she and Jimmy broke up and if either party has any interest getting back together.

Tatum also revealed that rather than make Lucy an antagonistic romantic foil to Kara, the two will become friends over the course of the season, with Lucy sharing some “insecurities” to Kara about Jimmy and stuff concerning Supergirl. Tatum said:

This is different because we're creating this relationship and friendship between Lucy and Kara. And you'll see that Lucy is human. She's not perfect but she holds her own. So this isn't just a love triangle storyline. It blossoms into some awesome and exciting story points to come. I'm not just some ice queen coming on to shake things up for Kara.

Supergirl has made no effort to hide hints that Jimmy and Kara may eventually get involved with each other, so to hear that Lucy won’t be antagonistic towards Kara is refreshing from a typical, nasty romantic triangle. However, if Jimmy and Lucy’s relationship was as complicated as we’re led to believe, then it’s possible that any further developments on the Kara/Jimmy romance front will be put on hold in the near future.

You can catch new episodes of Supergirl Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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