Supergirl Just Found Its Livewire

Supergirl doesn’t hit the schedule until this October, but the show has already listed a whole bunch of villains who will be involved with Season 1. We’ve known for a few weeks now that Superman villainess Livewire would be appearing in Supergirl this season, and on Wednesday we learned exactly who has signed on to the series to play the character. Former True Blood actress Brit Morgan has nabbed the role.

Morgan will pop up in the series as Leslie Willis, a shock-jock DJ for a station that is part of the CatCo umbrella, meaning she works for Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant. Unfortunately, her stint as a shock-jock on Supergirl won’t last long. The character will only pop up in one episode of Supergirl, meaning she isn’t expected to be a recurring villain. Variety’s casting report also mentions that in the episode an accident will occur that will (if it sticks with the comics) likely lead her to be able to manipulate electricity for her own ends. She’ll become a villain, and Supergirl will have to save the day.


In the comics, Leslie Willis has liked to bash Superman. Since Superman doesn’t really play a huge role in Supergirl and since the new superheroine is the talk of the town in the new series, I have a feeling Willis’ big mouth will have her saying some things about the superheroine. Considering the nature of the character, I find it pretty amusing that it’s Brit Morgan who has landed the role. The actress formerly played the unlikeable Debbie Pelt on True Blood, and now she’s landed the role of another mouthy villain.

In addition to Livewire, Supergirl has also listed Reactron, Maxwell Lord, Red Tornado, and Non as upcoming characters. We also know the show will feature Lucy Lane, along with a “mystery character” who may be none other than General Sam Lane. With Livewire signed on for only one episode, it seems as if Supergirl should have a similar setup to Arrow and The Flash, with numerous small villains popping up for one-off episodes and bigger bads appearing in multiple episode stints.

We’ll find out soon enough. Supergirl will hit the schedule on Monday, October 26 at 8:30 p.m. ET, following a brand new episode of The Big Bang Theory on CBS. Subsequent episodes will air at 8 p.m. ET. You can see what all is coming up this fall with our TV schedule. Or check out what we know about Supergirl.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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