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Supergirl Is Adding A Justice League Character, A Few Others

Supergirl Is Adding A Justice League Character, A Few Others At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the upcoming Supergirl series made announcements regarding a number of comic book characters who will be appearing in the new show – including Peter Facinelli’s Maxwell Lord, Reactron and Livewire. Since then we’ve also heard about the inclusion of Lucy Lane - but the list isn’t stopping there. In fact, today we learned about three key DC Comics figures who will find their way on to the show – including one member of the Justice League.

Earlier today, the folks behind the Supergirl series assembled as part of a panel for the on-going Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, and it was while discussing what fans will see in the upcoming first season that the new characters were revealed. So who are the new additions? Let’s go over them one-by-one.


Everyone thinks about Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman when discussing Justice League members, but Red Tornado is a bona fide member of that special superhero group. Created by Gardner Fox and Dick Dillin and introduced to DC Comics in 1968, the character is an android who was originally a villain (built by the evil T.O. Morrow), but eventually became a force for good. In actuality, he is a sentient wind elemental named Ulthoon that powers a robot, and as a result has the ability to manipulate wind (in addition to being extremely strong and fast). Unfortunately, we don’t know how he will be presented in Supergirl, but it’s interesting to note that audiences got a taste of some comic book android action earlier this year thanks to Paul Bettany’s role as Vision in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.


If I were to just casually namedrop the DC Comics character Non, most of you probably would have no idea who I’m talking about. What makes that funny, however, is the fact that he has actually been notably adapted into live-action three separate times. Best known as a Krytonian lieutenant of General Zod’s, he was played by Jack O’Halloran in both Superman and Superman II, and even had a non-named appearance in an episode of Smallville (where he was played by John DeSantis). It doesn’t seem that it was officially confirmed, but we can probably expect that Non will be one of the villains that Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl has to face early in the show.


Finally, we have a special character who will both likely serve as a villain on the series and create a connection between Supergirl and the aforementioned Lucy Lane. I am, of course, referring to Lucy (and Lois’) father, General Sam Lane. Primarily a villain of Superman’s in the comics, he has a long history of being distrustful where aliens and superhumans are concerned, and believes that they are a constant threat to the normal people of Earth. It’s easy to imagine him being a secondary antagonist to Maxwell Lord on the series – similar to what we’ve previously seen from Paul Blackthorne’s Quentin Lance on Arrow.

As we get closer to Supergirl’s October 26th network debut date, we’ll probably hear more about how these characters operate within the show… but for now, how do you feel about their inclusion?

Eric Eisenberg
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