I was not certain if TBS’ buddy comedy about four friends working together in the magazine industry would be able to find its way into a significant number of viewers' hearts (and DVRS). As it turns out, I needn’t have worried; Men at Work has been earning a steady 2.7 million viewers an episode, if we are counting Live +7 viewership. Because of this, TBS seems happy to see where the scripted comedy could go in the future.

Men at Work is only partially through its first season, but with pretty good ratings, TBS has been confident about a renewal, announcing today a second season of the show will happen. TBS President Michael Wright spoke out today about the renewal, stating the show has been a great addition to the network’s lineup.
"Men at Work is a strong addition to the TBS lineup and has worked extremely well paired with The Big Bang Theory. We're very excited to welcome the outstanding cast and production team of Men at Work back for another season."

According to THR, the Danny Masterson and the rest of the gang have earned 10 new episodes in 2013. As noted by Wright, Men at Work has been airing after syndicated reruns of The Big Bang Theory on the network. However, pulling in leftover ratings from a syndicated show on another network is not exactly a sign of success and it will be interesting to see how the comedy will do if it is ever surrounding by original content on the network.

Currently still in its first season, Men at Work airs Thursdays on TBS at 10 p.m. ET.

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