TR Knight Is Leaving Grey's Anatomy

Word on the internet is that actor T.R. Knight is looking for a way out of his contract with Grey’s Anatomy. It seems like Grey’s always has more drama going on off screen than any given elevator ride at Seattle Grace Hospital. So when will Knight make his grand exit from the show? That’s unknown at this point.

The news is still in the rumor phases. Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello reports that his sources are saying that Knight is asking to be released from the show and hopes that Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes and ABC will be willing to cooperate. Knight plays George, the less confident recently resident-ed doctor at Seattle Grace. His storyline has sort of been shoved aside to make way for scenes involving Izzie getting busy with her dead fiancé. Even the potential relationship between George and Lexie seems to have been back-burned as Lexie has recently been spending time letting McSteamy “teach her.”

Ausiello speculated a little about the possible reasoning behind Knight’s impending departure from the show, saying, “Rumors of Knight's unhappiness at Grey's date back to the early days of Isaiahgate. Per an insider, the actor was disappointed that it took Rhimes so long to publicly condemn Washington's use of the F-word, even as his co-stars (Katherine Heigl, Patrick Dempsey, etc.) rallied to his defense. (The incident led Knight to come out as a gay man.)” But Ausiello’s source claims that this is not the reason why Knight is leaving, and that he’s just ready to move on.

If Knight really is leaving, this is disappointing news. That said, they really aren’t doing much with him lately. It seems like once one character gets a major story arc in the show, some of the other characters become part of the set. And they only seem to be adding more and more characters this season. I’m enjoying Kevin McKidd’s role in the series, especially as a love interest for Cristina but over all, the show seems to be all over the map lately.

Kelly West
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