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TV Recap: 90210 - Wide Awake And Dreaming

Tonight's previously reminds us that Adrianna is the druggiest druggie in druggietown, so I expect that she'll be getting screentime tonight.

Right away, we have a tease of Date Rape Boy... date raping Annie, but it's only a part of the play that Brenda's started managing as of last week. Brenda stops the rehearsal to thank everyone for their dedication while Silver nags the lighting technician into quitting. Silver stresses for a second until Dixon comes to the rescue and fills in. Didn't see that one coming at all. Annie and Ty sneak off to make out backstage and get busted when Kelly and the pretty boy teacher are giving Principal Daddy a tour of the set.

Meanwhile, Naomi's mom is sulking in bed over losing her ho-bag husband and Naomi decides to call the manwhore to snap her mom out of it. When Dad shows up, Mom's pulled herself together and makes out with Dad, because everyone in Beverly Hills is nuts.

At home, Dad is freaking out about Annie and Date Rape Boy making out because, you know, he knows how boys are because he used to be one, but Mom and Grandma tell him to chill out. When Annie gets home, mom gives her the sex talk but Annie blows her off by saying that Ty isn't like that and I can already tell what tonight's overreaching plot line is. At lunch the next day, Naomi pours on the peer pressure to hump Ty, but Silver insists that Annie is "so not ready for sex." Annie is so confused that she can't even rehearse with Ty without freaking out. Ty apparently has plans because he's booked a room for after the play wink wink nudge nudge say no more. I really hate when my nicknames prove prophetic. Dad also feels nervous and doesn't want to let Annie go to the afterparty, but Mom tells him to lighten up. Dad tries to give Annie the sex talk while he drives her to school for the play, but Annie storms off.

In tonight's other After-school Special plot line, Adrianna shows up late to the play's rehearsal. Brenda calls her on her shit and Adrianna tries to write it off to home pressures, but Brenda still wants to help her and makes her sing that damn song that I'm already sick of. Later, Brenda meets with Kelly and Kelly's boy toy about how Adrianna has been acting strange. Boy toy and Kelly think/know that Adrianna is using and want to pull her off of the play, but Kelly thinks she can save her. Yes, that is the sound of impending doom. Brenda and the dope fiend are rehearsing when her crazy stage mother shows up to tell her that she's having agents and producers show up to check Adrianna out. With a mother like that, I might be a druggie, too. Fifteen minutes before the play, Silver and Brenda are freaking out because they can't find Adrianna. Adrianna must have taken my sympathy for an excuse, because she's laid out on the couch, stoned off her ass. Brenda pulls Adrianna from the play and gives Annie her part.

Hikinks ensue.

Annie freaks out and Silver recruits Ty to help calm Annie down. Date Rape Boy predictably uses the opportunity to further seduce poor, innocent Annie. The play opens with Annie singing that damn song that we will hopefully never have to hear again. Kelly goes backstage to see why Adrianna isn't playing the lead and is confronted by psycho stage momma and doped up Adrianna about why Adrianna was pulled from the play. Kelly tells them that they think Adrianna's using drugs and the psycho woman take off.

Naomi's not at the play because she's freaking out that her parents are getting divorced and her mom is throwing out all of her dad's stuff. Naomi's mom told him he needed to choose between his mistress and his wife and, when he couldn't make the decision, she made it for him. The girls then have a heartwarming, "we can do this together" moment and hug.

After the play, Annie decides that she wants to hump Ty and asks Dixon for a condom. Ethan runs into Annie with an armful of flowers meant for her and, when they kneel down to pick up the flowers, picks up the condom that he knocked out of Annie's hand. Awwwwkwaaaaaaarrrrd......

Ethan tries to warn Annie that Ty is a total player, but Annie considers the source and doesn't listen. Ethan asks her why she wouldn't rather wait for someone who cares about her, but she just tears up and says "I tried that" before stomping off. Oh, the angst!

At the party, Adrianna shows up at the door to Ty's room and barges in. Adrianna tells him that she saw Annie leaving the play with Ethan and making out with him. OMGEVILBITCHDRAMA!!!

Dixon and Silver are lounging poolside bantering about the play when Silver shuts him up with a kiss and pulls him away to somewhere more private.

Annie finally shows up to Ty's room, but Adrianna answers the door in a towel and implies that Ty asked her to meet him at his room, too. Annie thinks that Ty is in the shower and storms off. Adrianna laughs and turns off the water in an empty shower. Damn, that bitch is EVIL! I think I'm in love...

Downstairs, Annie runs into Ethan who asks her what happened. Annie tells him about what Adrianna told her and freaks out about almost sleeping with him before leaving going home and crying alone in her room.

Dixon and Silver don't get it on, either. Dixon obviously didn't have a condom and Silver insists that they take things slow. Dixon just smiles and tells her that he likes it when she's bossy before making out some more.

Wow, this may be the best episode so far! It's finally starting to feel like they're going somewhere with all of the things they've been setting up.

Join me next week for more pretty white people (and one black kid) with problems!