TV Recap: Big Brother 10 - Week 1 Eviction

The first official eviction of Big Brother 10 took place tonight in front of a live audience. I wasn’t expecting Julie to be surrounded by cheering fans but there she was, chilling on the set as though it was the finale. Tonight did mark the end of the road for one contestant but there are still twelve more people inside the Big Brother house fighting for the half a million dollar prize.

Jerry might have caught Brian off guard when he put him up on the block to replace Jesse during the Veto ceremony earlier this week but Brian wasn’t going out without a fight. His strategy for winning over the majority essentially involved trying to show what a fun guy he is by poking fun at some of the other houseguests using sock puppets. He got quite a few laughs with a handful of houseguests as they mocked Renny’s ridiculous Veto speech, April’s boobs (original) and Ollie’s betrayal. Brian also threw a few shots his own way, making light of his multiple alliances. It seemed like maybe he’d won a few people over.

Angie tried to see if she could get half the house on Brian’s side. She spoke with Keesha about it and Keesha seemed to be considering switching sides. April expressed extreme distrust in Keesha and seemed to know something was up. I’m assuming April and Keesha’s extreme dislike of each other comes from more than what was shown in tonight’s episode because things seemed to escalate really fast. At one point, Keesha and April were screaming at each other in the backyard and Ollie had to hold April back.

It seemed like maybe Brian had a chance at staying but in the end, the houseguests did what they almost always do during week 1. They voted with the majority and avoided standing out or making waves by defying the group. Dan was the only exception but that was no surprise. He stuck with his friend to the end and watched Brian walk out the door tonight by a vote of nine to one.

Brian was a good sport during his pre-vote speech and he maintained that attitude when being interviewed by Julie. He seemed to realize that he got too far ahead of himself. He’s certainly not the first BB contestant in the history of the show to make that mistake but he was the first to make it this season. Farewell, Brian. We’ll probably have forgotten all about you by this time next week (sorry, that’s just how it goes with this show).

Tonight’s HoH competition was one of those majority-rules comps where there are no right answers. Julie would ask a question like “Which houseguest would most likely convert to a new religion to appease their partner? Dan or Ollie?” Then the houseguests would choose A or B and whichever houseguests voted with the majority stayed on for the next round. Whoever was in the minority was eliminated. The game came down to a tie-breaker question involving the number of pillows used for the honey Veto comp. Jessie ended up winning and taking the Head of Household title for this week.

Now here’s what I’m wondering. Jessie and Renny clearly don’t get along. It all started with Renny waking Jessie up but it seems like they’ve continued hating based on Jessie’s comments tonight about Renny needing to earn his respect and Renny’s response about Jessie needing to give it to get it (seriously, BB, no more asking Renny questions during the live show). So is Jessie the kind of player that’s going to make things personal by going after Renny (who is seriously no threat to anyone at this point) or will he play strategically and target two stronger players or perhaps try to bust up some alliances?

Kelly West
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