TV Recap: Big Brother 10 - Week 4 Veto

Ok, I have to give it up to the producers of Big Brother because they put together a great episode tonight. Drama, fights, hugs, birthday cake, hockey, a lea-tahd and of course, a Veto all played their part. Everything a good episode of Big Brother needs to get us worked up for the live show. Seriously, was that not the most pathetic BB Birthday party that’s ever taken place? Putting aside the sad-looking cookie-cake, everyone was fighting throughout the “celebration,” pausing only briefly enough to sing a half-hearted Happy Birthday to Keesha.

Before we get to the fight though, we’ll start from the beginning. Dan got his next America’s Player mission, which was to hug Jessie for ten seconds. Nice one, America! Dan came up with a sob story about worrying that his girlfriend might not be there for him when he gets out of the house. Jessie was surprisingly sympathetic and fell right into Dan’s trap. He gave him a pep talk and told him to be strong. This is probably the first time since the season started that I’ve actually liked Jessie. As they were wrapping up the conversation, which included some very convincing tears on Dan’s part, Dan moved in for a hug and Jessie responded by hugging him back. Dan surpassed the ten second mark by seven seconds, firmly succeeding his second mission. And as a bonus, he even smiled at the camera through his fake tears during the hug.

Now the drama. Before the Veto competition, most of the houseguests (not including Jessie, Michelle, Memphis and Jerry), convened in the HoH room to have a pointless strategy-meeting about the competition. Seeing as they didn’t know what kind of competition it was, all they could do was speculate on how they’d perform. April said Jerry has no chance unless it’s a “picking your nose” competition and added that he sucks really bad. Libra said she’d try her best but April was making faces while she was talking and this upset her.

Libra stormed out of the HoH room and went downstairs. Keesha saw this as a prime opportunity to engage in a bit of April-bashing with Libra. The two got together in one of the bedrooms and started griping about how April treats them. They’re going on and on, and Jessie, who was trying to have one of his many beauty-naps, overheard the whole thing (he “got woke up”). This inspired him to rush upstairs and tell April, likely believing that reporting what was said could win favor from the HoH and her boy-toy Ollie. Not a bad strategy on Jessie’s part but given that April already said that Memphis was the target, he might’ve jumped the gun a bit on blabbing the way he did.

After hearing how upset Libra was, April went downstairs to smooth things over. She had it out with Libra and Keesha (who’s voice gets ridiculously high when she’s angry). When Keesha and Libra learn that it was Jessie who told April what they were saying, it really hit the fan. The fight just went on and on with Libra, Keesha and Jessie screaming at each other. Jessie was really just digging his own grave and after taking a brief break to sing Happy Birthday to Keesha, the fighting resumed until Libra and Keesha agreed that Jessie needs to go.

For the Veto competition, the houseguests had to hit balls into a hockey net. There were slots in the net and whoever hit their ball farthest from the “Veto” slot was out that round. Once they were out they received a trophy with a prize in it. Unlike similar competitions in previous seasons, the houseguests were given a specific trophy based on the order they were eliminated rather than picking randomly.

The first trophy had the Veto in it. Memphis was the first out so he got that. Michelle followed him and won a trip to Hawaii. She had the option to trade with Memphis but she chose to keep the trip. April won 10 $1,000 “gold bars” that she can keep or use in the game to bribe other players. Jerry, who didn’t suck (despite April’s prediction) took the Veto from Jessie (who had taken it from Memphis) in exchange for a letter from home. Before doing this, he made a deal with April to split the gold bars between himself, her and Libra, who was the last woman standing in the competition.

Libra won the hideous red unitard, which she traded with Michelle, taking her trip to Hawaii in exchange. Michelle was livid and took her anger out in the diary room, turning her back to the camera, yelling about winning a lea-tahd and having her trip stolen from a “whoreslutskank.” Wow. Jessie tried to cheer her up, telling her her ass looks great in the unitard but Michelle wasn’t having any of it.

Memphis ended up with a slop pass and the power to put one HG on slop for a week. He put Jerry on slop, figuring Jerry wouldn’t use the Veto on him anyway. Jessie wasn’t happy with his performance in the Veto comp, saying it was like golf and “I don’t golf because… I don’t know, my back’s too big maybe?” If he goes this week, I’m really going to miss his sore-loser quips after each competition he doesn’t win.

And that brings us to the final thing we need to discuss here. Who should Dan vote to evict? The house is pretty much divided between people who want Jessie out and people who want Memphis out. Based on what I’ve seen posted on the live feed reports at various BB fansites (spoilers ahead!), Ollie, Michelle and Jerry are all for voting Memphis out. Libra, Keesha and Renny are ready for Jessie to go. That leaves Dan as the tie-breaker and he’s given his word to give Jessie the boot (swore on a bible). Little do the HGs know, Dan doesn’t get a vote this week. We decide who he votes for. So do we want to keep Jessie around? His shenanigans are often entertaining but if he were to go, that would certainly divide the big alliance. Setting aside the fact that Michelle might have an even bigger meltdown than we saw tonight if Jessie walks out the door on Thursday, Ollie and April will see that Keesha and Libra went against April’s HoH plan and the drama that could ensue if/when that happens could be fantastic.

Regardless of who America picks to go, I really hope this week’s eviction isn’t unanimous. I’m over the whole herd-mentality when it comes to voting. On an unrelated note, I love the gold-bar thing. This is a new little twist that BB has introduced into the game. We’ve seen people win a transferable slop-pass in previous seasons but giving the houseguests money that they can use to essentially bribe other houseguests could be really interesting. Or they could choose to keep the money, in which case that little twist will be pointless.

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