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Ok, so we knew people’s feathers were going to be ruffled by Jessie’s eviction but did anyone expect things to get this out of hand? Sure, I knew Michelle would be devastated over losing Jessie but her and Jerry’s outrage was a bit over the top, to say the least. Jerry’s a passionate guy and that’s fine but the way he tore into Dan after the HoH competition (and then refusing to let it go later on) was just ridiculous.

During the celebration of Michelle winning HoH, Jerry didn’t hold back his feelings. He started screaming “Screw you people!” and yelled at Dan, “Don’t hide behind your cross!” What does that even mean? Granted, I don’t have the live feeds and have had to rely on feed recaps to know what’s going on outside of what’s being shown in the episodes but I never got the impression that Dan was all that overzealous in the religion department. He’s a Catholic school teacher so sure, it’s likely that the subject comes up but I haven’t seen or heard of him preaching or getting in people’s faces about God and all that so why is it Jerry seems so hell bent on throwing Dan’s religion in his face all of the time?

During one of the multiple Dan hate-fests, Michelle made a reference to Dan “burning.” Later Jerry said Dan will burn in hell. Talk about extreme. Last I checked, going back on your word in the Big Brother house wasn’t a mortal sin. While Dan was off laying low in his bed just after the HoH comp, Memphis was sitting in the living area with his hands over his eyes as Jerry, April and Michelle tore into Dan and his religion. April said “He’s a disgrace ---- .” Whatever followed that sentence was edited out for some reason. At that point Memphis uttered, “Wow, guys.” Libra added, “That’s a little much.”

Speaking of Memphis, thank you BB producers for giving us more of Memphis’ personality! Whether it was because he was stuck in the shadow of Jessie’s constant idiotic remarks or because before tonight he didn’t have much to say but we actually got to see some relevant diary room footage from him tonight! Memphis was disgusted by what was being said by April, Michelle and Jerry and voiced this in the diary room, stating that people get punched in the mouth for saying stuff like that about people’s religion. THANK YOU, MEMPHIS! Dan took his cross off before Jessie’s eviction anyway so by Jerry’s logic, he should be all clear, right?

Memphis sat down with Dan and the two loosely discussed Memphis working with Michelle to keep him safe this week. He relayed the conversation to Michelle and assured her that he wasn’t making any promises to Dan. So far, Memphis is playing a smart game in being mostly upfront about his moves and relatively noncommittal to Dan.

Michelle spoke with Dan to try and get some kind of explanation from him. He played it like he was remorseful, mentioned how he’s not good at the game and hasn’t won anything and basically acted like he’s ashamed for what he did. Michelle was still upset but she seemed to accept what he said. When she left, Dan paused from sulking long enough to grin at the camera.

April’s desperation to kiss Michelle’s HoH behind was extremely apparent just after the Head of Household competition and then again when Michelle showed off her HoH room. She was ooh-ing and ahh-ing at all of Michelle’s pictures as though she and Michelle have been BFF’s since the game started and seeing a photo of Michelle’s pet rabbit was the greatest thing ever. Once again, Memphis scored points with me when he expressed his distaste for April’s phoniness in the D.R.

For the food competition, houseguests from previous seasons were there to play a game with the current houseguests. In the comp, the houseguests had to figure out if certain news stories were true. BB10’s Brian hosted the event and of the houseguests from previous seasons were Chicken George, Bunky, Amy, Jun, Jase, Janelle, Mike Boogie, Jen and Matt. They were there to present the news stories either by telling the houseguests that a particular story was true or otherwise trying to convince them that it’s false. The houseguests only managed to win food for three days out of the week.

Other notable moments from the food comp: Mike Boogie proved that it’s never a good idea to wear a grey t-shirt when you’re going to be sitting outside in the hot, California sun. Though he didn’t seemed to care about the large wet circles under his arms when he raised his fists in the air to revel in his own awesomeness. Janelle made a comment about Jessie not being that cute. And Jen mentioned that Renny was her favorite.

Now on to the nominations. Renny tried to talk to Michelle about putting April up. She reminded Michelle that April nominated Jessie and knew that there was a chance he could be evicted. Michelle listened to all of this but after the blowup involving Libra earlier in the episode, it was no surprise that she would be the primary target this week. As much as I would’ve liked to see April get nominated, I can understand why Michelle wouldn’t put her up. It’s likely that Michelle realizes that once this week is over, she’ll be on her own in the game. If she can stay on April’s good side by not nominating her, she’ll have a better chance of staying off the block next week, should April (or Ollie) win HoH. So Michelle nominated Libra and Keesha and as it stands now, it seems Libra is the main target. After the blowup involving Libra earlier, which was basically a screaming contest between April, Libra and Jerry, it seems probable that Libra’s out the door. Then again, we’ll have to wait and see who wins the Veto and whether or not they choose to use it.

In the meantime, I’m glad it appears that Dan is safe for now. Both he and Memphis are playing a good game and as of right now, I’d love to see them in the final two. They also seem to realize that the best strategy when things get crazy is to just step back and let everyone else scream at each other. Keep your mouth shut and your head down and if all goes well, the rest of the house will just pick each other off one by one. If I had to pick a third favorite, I’d probably go with Renny. Sure, she seems to have a short fuse when she thinks she’s being attacked but for the most part, she’s adorable and far less crazy than the edit she was getting in the first few episodes of the season.
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